The Nordic electricity market will soon see large-scale investment. Extensive investments are being made within the distribution of renewable energy and where new safety and production requirements are driving development forwards. Rejlers provides services at all stages of the energy supply chain, from generation via distribution to consumption.

Many assignments involve modernising and streamlining existing plants for energy companies. Here, Rejlers works to provide consulting, surveys, project management, automation and design in order to streamline processes and increase safety within existing nuclear power plants and hydroelectric power plants, for example.

We are also involved in planning, designing and inspecting new renewable energy plants, such as wind and wave power and solar energy installations. Rejlers also has extensive experience in producing solutions for how new sources of energy can be combined to form a functioning network.

One of our other strong areas is in working with the design, production, automation, preparation and analysis of electricity distribution networks and transformer stations. Environment is another growth area, where we perform environmental impact assessments and work to clean up polluted areas. We also support our customers through various kinds of meter reading services within the energy sector. We collate, present and analyse data on energy consumption, which can lead to large-scale energy savings and reduced emissions.

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