Rejlers wins contract for railway plan for fauna passage over the railway at Sösdala and Tjörnarp

The Swedish Transport Administration has chosen Rejlers as a consultant to develop a railway plan that includes a fauna bridge and new wildlife fences along the Southern Main Line on the stretch between Sösdala and Tjörnarp in Skåne. The goal is to improve animal mobility and reduce the number of wildlife accidents.

Rejlers' assignment for the Swedish Transport Administration includes the development of a complete railway plan, including all necessary permits and notifications. The assignment includes developing at least three proposals for how the fauna passage, which is to be completed by 2026, can be designed. The project will involve a large number of specialists, including experts in railways, infrastructure, environment and fauna.

The Swedish Transport Administration's investigations have shown that the stretch between Sösdala and Tjörnarp in Skåne constitutes a significant barrier, especially for larger animals such as moose and deer. There are also several identified wildlife trails that are negatively affected by the railway. The purpose of the plan is to improve animal mobility in the landscape and to reduce the barrier effects of infrastructure.

The Swedish Transport Administration places high demands on the facility and execution. In addition to fauna passages and wildlife fencing, the requirements also include climate calculations, environmental and cultural environment aspects, sustainable mass management and the use of environmentally friendly concrete.

"We are proud to be given responsibility for this important project, which is a perfect fit for Rejlers as we have the expertise required in infrastructure, railways and the environment to meet the Swedish Transport Administration's requirements and goals," says Dennis Overgaard, Business Area Manager at Rejlers' Infrastructure division.

For further information, please contact:
Henrik Öhrnell, Head of Division Infrastructure, Rejlers Sweden, +46 72 2133 11 70,
Malin Sparf Rydberg, Director of Communications, Rejlers Group, + 46 70 477 17 00,

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