Rejlers launches new IT-collaboration in electrical inspection

A collaboration concerning new IT technology makes Rejlers Elsikkerhet more competitive in mandatory electrical inspections.

The new IT system for electrical inspection has been developed by Cubit AS, which is owned by the IT company, Miles. Rejlers has followed the work closely and contributed to several rounds of tests. Rejlers Norway and Cubit AS have now entered an agreement for providing total services in electrical inspection to the entire Norwegian market.

Asbjørn Hilde, Managing Director at Rejlers Elsikkerhet, says that they can now deliver a complete inspection package to energy distribution companies. This includes inspections out in the field at grid customers and tailored software for planning, implementation and reporting.
"The energy distribution companies avoid having to operate their own systems". The work is virtually paperless and the software ensures more effective planning and implementation of electrical inspections," says Hilde.

Huge opportunities
Hilde believes that many energy distribution companies will be interested in receiving a total package comprising an electrical inspection service.
"This will be easier for both our customers and for us. The energy distribution companies save time and costs that otherwise would have been directed at operating their own systems. We save time on administration and can therefore provide services at a lower price," says Hilde.

Arild Soldal, CEO at Cubit AS, says that the agreement with Rejlers Elsikkerhet AS paves the way for huge opportunities.
"Rejlers is a major player in this market. Its industry experience and our IT expertise makes us an effective supplier in the market for inspection services," says Soldal. Thus far, around 1,100 inspections have been conducted using Cubit’s new software. Measurements show a saving of around 25 minutes per inspection, from planning to delivered report.

"The system, moreover, provides better data quality and quality assures inspection agreements, so that costly wasted trips can be avoided," says Soldal.

Social benefits
The total service this collaboration entails will provide higher value in the social task we have been set. We are now offering a new concept that gives the consumer a better experience and understanding of electrical safety, which is a substantial part of the energy distribution companies’ responsibility.
"In addition, the digital platform will enhance the quality of the DLT processes, thereby leading to a significant improvement in efficiency, both for our customers and us as executing unit," says Thomas Pettersen, CEO at Rejlers Norway.

Large market
Rejlers and Cubit AS are now positioning themselves in an important market. Annually, inspection services are carried out in the amount of around NOK 400–500 million. Some energy distribution companies carry out inspection work themselves, while assignments in the amount of NOK 200 million are put out to tender. Rejlers Elsikkerhet AS is a significant player in this market and carries out inspection services for over NOK 40 million each year.

Hilde and Soldal assert that their total solution will give Rejlers a solid competitive edge in the battle for new inspection assignments from Norway's approx. 130–140 grid owners.

Cubit is a software company that will challenge the major traditional software suppliers in the energy and infrastructure sector. Cubit's first product is a new inspection solution for Local Electrical Safety Inspection Authorities (DLE). This is Norway's first dedicated software for DLE. User experience and state-of-the-art technology are at the core of the solution. Cubit AS is a company in the Miles Group and its head office is in Bergen. See also

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