Rejlers helps Castellum achieve sustainability goals through energy efficiency

The real estate company Castellum aims to be completely climate neutral by 2030. Part of achieving the sustainability goal is the investment in energy efficiency and maintenance of the property portfolio. With Rejlers as a strategic partner, Castellum Region Mitt has taken a strong stance on the issue. Fourteen properties have already been analysed and now Rejlers has been commissioned to make a larger office building in Jönköping, of about 17,000 sqm., energy efficient.

Since the collaboration between Rejlers and Castellum began, fourteen properties have been analysed and several maintenance projects carried out. The analysis of the properties shows an estimated average energy saving of 40 percent or a total of 6.6 GWh, which corresponds to about 500 tons of carbon dioxide emissions. The investment to renovate and make the properties energy efficient is estimated at approximately SEK 300 million.

"It's not enough to analyse, energy efficiency needs to start happening for real. We can already see very positive results from the first properties that have now been renovated, actually more than calculated," says Johan Sellin, Technical Manager at Castellum Region Mitt.

"Together, we take a holistic approach to the properties. An investment in energy efficiency should provide a clear return, where the savings from the measures cover part of the maintenance needs of the property," says Per Sjöbom at Rejlers.

Rejlers is now contributing knowledge when Castellum takes the next step and implements a major energy efficiency project in Jönköping. The project concerns Hovet 1, an office property with a total area of about 17,000 sqm. Rejlers will help Castellum reduce the property's energy use, improve the indoor climate and address maintenance needs. The assignment includes design, procurement and implementation where Rejlers manages the entire project and ensures that the sustainability perspective is included in all phases of the project.

"We have had a very good cooperation with Rejlers so far and look forward to continued cooperation in the implementation of the measures," says Jens Davidsson, Head of Technical Management at Castellum in Jönköping.

"We are pleased with the trust and to continue to contribute to Castellum achieving their sustainability goals," says Per Sjöbom at Rejlers.

Castellum is one of the Nordic region's most sustainable real estate companies and sustainability work is fully integrated into the business. As part of achieving the overall goal of the business being completely climate neutral by 2030, the company sees great potential in energy efficiency and maintenance of the property portfolio. Rejlers offers solid expertise in the energy field and is a partner that takes overall responsibility, from analysis and identification of measures to design and implementation, with the possibility of follow-up and continuous optimization. In this way, the measures become feasible with the right pricing and calculated energy savings.  

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