There are many interests that need to be considered when planning new buildings and modernising existing ones. Comfort, energy saving, monitoring, individualisation and profitability are just some of the requirements that have to be taken into account.

At Rejlers, we aim to create buildings that fulfil these requirements by combining tried and tested methods with innovative solutions. We work on both new construction and rebuilding of business premises, schools, offices, hospitals, hotels, sports facilities, homes and industries, for example. We are also involved at an early stage when new areas are to be exploited.

Assignments include everything from architecture and building design to project management and project planning. We act as advisors at various stages of a project and we also help our customers with the control and inspection of finished buildings.

We offer a wide range of services, covering everything from electrical, telecommunications and heating, ventilation and sanitation project planning to control, monitoring and communications technology. Building automation is a growth area, with various solutions for reducing energy consumption in buildings. Rejlers also works on assignments within power supply and lighting and produces solutions for alarm systems and fire-detection systems.

The customer can currently be given a clearpicture of the final result during the construction process through analysis and visualisation. We use BIM (Building Information Modeling) for example.

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