Share facts

The Rejlers' share capital amounts to SEK 44,213,698 and the total number of votes is 37,850,099. The total number of shares in the company is 22,106,849 divided into 1,749,250 Class A shares (ten votes per share) and 20,357,599 Class B shares. Each shareholder who is entitled to vote at the Annual General Meeting may vote with the full number of votes he or she owns and represents in shares, without limitation as to voting rights. Each share has an equal right to shares in the company's assets and profits.

Listing and trading

The company’s Class B shares have been listed on Nasdaq Stockholm since 18 December 2006 after having been listed on the Nordic Growth Market (NGM) since 8 May 2003.

In January 2021 the Rejlers share was moved up to Nasdaq’s Mid Cap-segment.

Data per share

DATA PER SHARE 2023 2022 2021 2020 2019
Earnings per share after dilution, SEK 8.39 9.64 5.47 1.61 3.42
Equity per share at the end of period, SEK 81.5 73.0 61.7 58.7 47.3
Dividend per share, SEK 1) 4.50 3.00 6.50 0.00 1.50

1) For the 2024AGM, the Board of Directors proposes a dividend of SEK 4.50 per share