Interim report Rejlers AB January – March 2023

January - March

  • Net sales increased by 16.8% to SEK 991.5 million (849.1)
  • Organic sales amounted to 9.7% (18.4)
  • EBITA increased to SEK 90.1 million (76.4), and the EBITA margin increased to 9.1% (9.0), impacted by integration costs in connection with the acquisition of Eurocon and impairment of projects, SEK 10.0 million
  • Excluding non-recurring costs, EBITA increased to SEK 100.1 million and the margin increased to 10.1%
  • Operating profi t (EBIT) increased to SEK 70.8 million (60.2), impacted by acquisition expenses of SEK 6.7 million (5.6), with regard to the acquisition of Eurocon
  • Net profi t after tax increased to SEK 49.0 million (48.0)
  • Earnings per share before dilution increased to SEK 2.40 (2.38) and after dilution to SEK 2.38 (2.33)

Statement by the President and CEO

"Rejlers' journey of improvement continues. In the first quarter of the year, we are showing a strong growth of 16.8 per cent, of which 9.7 per cent is organic growth. We are also reporting a new first-quarter record, with an EBITA of SEK 90.1 million (76.4). At the same time, the operating margin improved to 9.1 per cent (9.0).

It is worth noting that SEK 10 million in non-recurring costs within Rejlers Sweden is charged to the profit for the quarter. These costs are attributable to future integration costs for our large acquisition of Eurocon and an impairment in a property-related project. Excluding this SEK 10 million of a non-recurring nature, EBITA increased to SEK 100.1 million and the EBITA margin increased to 10.1 per cent (9.0).

Just as pleasing as the improved profitability is that our efforts to create the industry’s most attractive employer brand continue to yield results. In the first quarter, we had a net increase of around 100 consultants", says Viktor Svensson, President and CEO, Rejlers AB.

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