Øystein Johansen

Øystein from Arendal in Norway works as a field engineer in the telecom department at Rejlers AS. He has been employed in Rejlers since 2012 and has held the same tasks since 2009, then as an employee at NetCom. Øysteins daily work involves analysis, troubleshooting, and to modernize the base stations for NetCom/TeliaSonera. His area of responsibility extends throughout Aust-Agder all the way down to Kristiansand in Vest-Agder.

- It is nice to have responsibility for my own area. To be part of and contribute to better coverage in places where you know people is very fun.

Usually, he works out in the field. The base stations are generally located in relatively rugged terrain, so he has many long walks in the forest to get there.

- The job becomes a way of life when one is available around the clock. There is always something to do and I'm almost never at my office, continues Øystein.

This is still something that Øystein like about his job. He thrives outdoors even during his leisure time when he is also given the opportunity to cultivate his interest in photography.