Hans Nilsson

Hans Nilsson started at Rejlers in Luleå almost two years ago. As an experienced project planner and project manager at ABB, among other companies, it was the opportunity to be able to manage others in a company that invests in its employees that prompted him to jump ship.

Hans combines his role as a section manager with working with business and customers. There is a lot going on, not least within the mining industry. Hans’ section, which will soon have ten eople, specialises in services within electricity and automation.

“Rejlers has a flat organisation. The decision paths are short and both employees and managers have a lot of influence on the business. With this comes responsibility, of course, and it’s this mix that I enjoy,” says Hans.

The number of staff at Rejlers’ office in Luleå has more than doubled in the space of just 18 months. Both through organic growth and through acquisitions. But according to Hans, there are no growing pains. Just the opposite in fact. Rejlers is in a positive spiral.

“We have grown a lot and word is spreading. People are coming to us. Everyone wants to be where it’s at,” says Hans.

However, this is also where the major challenge lies. Finding the right employees who are in it for the long haul. And there needs to be more of us in order to meet customer demand.

“We have to look after those we employ. If we create a good team and we care about each person’s development, I believe we will succeed. This is the best investment we can make,” says Hans.