A healthy company

Here at Rejlers, we have worked strategically on health issues for many years and we implement a range of measures to make sure that our employees enjoy good health. For us, health is at the heart of everything we do. It is important to have a strong heart. It is just as important to have a good heart. We believe that success is linked to the individual’s psychological and physical wellbeing.

We believe that creating the preconditions for the wellbeing of our employees is our best course of action for business success. Good health can create the foundations for motivation and dedication, something from which we all gain – employees, customers and the company as a whole.

Even small steps towards better health are valuable. This may take the form of a walk, a considerate comment, a visit to the gym. Staying in good physical shape is a way to gain strength and stamina. For one person, wellness may mean going for a run, while for another, it may involve taking the time to go fishing. Others may be re-energised by dancing or socialising. The term health also includes the health of the company. That we have sound finances and a healthy balance sheet.

Good benefits in areas such as wellness, healthcare and insurance also contribute to a positive climate that eases daily life, irrespective of whether challenges come in the workplace or outside. We make every effort to ensure that employees have the opportunity to exercise in close proximity to the workplace. We also provide sponsorship in the form of entry fees to a number of races each year for those employees who wish to participate.