Catalysing the sustainable transformation

It is only through supporting our customers in their efforts to build a sustainable society, while contributing to this ourselves in our own operations, that we at Rejlers can remain relevant in today’s market. Our new sustainability strategy takes this into account.

For over 80 years, Rejlers has supported companies, public authorities and other organisations in meeting the challenges of the surrounding world. Today, the urgent, ongoing climate crisis calls for an absolute focus on actions to build a sustainable society which minimises green house gas emissions. With its large fraction of the world’s total climate emissions, business has a key role to play in this society-wide transition. A strong focus on sustainability has thus become a prerequisite for success for an ambitious, value-creating company like Rejlers.

It is in our customer assignments that we can make the most difference. Here, technology experts like Rejlers have the opportunity to serve as a catalyst for our customers’ journey of change. Our aim is to compete with sustainability as a driving force. That is why we strive to exceed our customers’ expectations by being one step ahead and anticipating their needs, so that we facilitate and accelerate their transition.

Beyond what we do for our customers, we have undertaken to reduce our own carbon footprint as a part of our commitment to a sustainable society. We have also set ambitious goals within our own operations when it comes to other aspects of sustainability. This is the only way for us to remain an attractive employer and a trusted partner to our customers.

Our foundation

As a foundation for our sustainability strategy, there are four priorities:

  • Climate action
  • Business ethics
  • Inclusive workplace
  • Healthy people

These four priorities are all essential for us to fulfil the ambitious sustainability goals set by both Rejlers and our customers. Each priority is connected to specific, measurable targets that we carefully follow up on, in order to secure the practical implementation of our strategy.

Our focus areas

The sustainability strategy also indicates within which areas we need to focus our efforts in order to have the greatest impact and create the most value for our customers. We have chosen to focus on three areas:

  • Energy transition
  • Industry transformation
  • Future-proofing of communities

It is within these three areas where we see that we can contribute most, given the long experience and deep knowledge Rejlers brings. Rejlers’ ambitions are high and we want to integrate sustainability thinking into all our operations. We are driving the transition across the board and are convinced that all types of projects can be made more sustainable.

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