Nominations committee

The task of the nomination committee is to propose decisions to the shareholders' meeting on electoral and remuneration issues. The nomination Committee is to propose candidates for the post of chair and other members of the board, as well as fees and other remuneration to each member of the board. The nomination committee is also to make proposals on the election and remuneration of the statutory auditor.

According to the nomination committee instruction, as decided by the Annual General Meeting (AGM), every year and no later than at the end of the third quarter, the Chairman of the Board must call a meeting of the three largest shareholders in the company, each of which is then entitled to select a representative. If any of these shareholders declines to select a representative, the Chairman shall ask the next largest shareholder to do so. However, the Chairman may only ask at most the six largest shareholders. If, in spite of this, the Nominations Committee does not contain at least three members, the Nominations Committee may itself select the appropriate number of members.

Nominations Committee for the AGM 2018

In accordance with the decision taken at Rejlers’ Annual General Meeting 2017, three representatives of the company’s largest shareholders have been appointed to a Nomination Committee. The task of the Nomination Committee is to develop proposals for the Board, for submission to the Annual General Meeting 2018 for adoption. The following have accepted to be part of the Nomination Committee:

  • Kent Hägglund, representing Peter Rejler
  • Martina Rejler, representing Jan Rejler
  • Johan Lannebo, representing Lannebo Fonder AB