Rejlers wins contract with the Käppala Association for modernisation of wastewater treatment plant

Rejlers has entered into an extensive collaboration with the Käppala Association to modernise the Käppala plant on Lidingö and increase its capacity. The project will run until 2028 and is expected to yield results in the form of significantly reduced emissions of nitrogen, phosphorus and organic matter, which will contribute to a cleaner Baltic Sea.

The Käppala plant on Lidingö currently treats wastewater from more than 500,000 inhabitants and businesses in eleven municipalities north and east of Stockholm. To cope with stricter emission conditions and increase capacity, the plant is being rebuilt and upgraded with a new biological purification process. The increased capacity provides the member municipalities with new growth opportunities.

Rejlers is responsible for designing all electrical power, general power and lighting, control and automation as well as process electricity in the Käppala 900k project – the largest project of the upgrade, which will be completed by 2028. Work is currently underway in various disciplines within the project, where several of Rejlers' divisions and the wholly-owned subsidiary Eurocon collaborate and contribute expertise.

“This is an important project that demonstrates the broad expertise Rejlers has and the strength of working together towards a common goal. We have a very interested and competent customer in the form of the Käppala Association. It is simply fantastic to be involved in building this important infrastructure for the future”, says Mats Molander, Project Manager with extended project management responsibility at Rejlers' Industry Division.

As the plant continues to be operational during the modernisation and workspaces are limited, innovation is required in the form of finding feasible solutions. Particular emphasis has therefore been placed on coordination between all parties involved in the project.

“By upgrading the Käppala plant, we are making a major contribution to the environment in the Baltic Sea while at the same time giving our member municipalities the opportunity to grow. We look forward to working together with Rejlers on this project, which is both complex, time-pressed and very extensive”, says Josefin Larsson, Deputy Project Manager at the Käppala Association.

For further information, please contact:
Mikael Fränckel, Head of Industry Division, Rejlers Sverige, +46 70 593 69 96,
Malin Sparf Rydberg, Director of Communications, Rejlers Group, +46 70 477 17 00,

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