Talga chooses Rejlers as partner for digital development in sustainable anode production project

Talga is investing in battery anode production in northern Sweden, with the potential to significantly reduce CO\2\ emissions in the manufacturing of electric vehicles and energy storage systems. Rejlers has been commissioned to support Talga in the digital development of the project, from feasibility study to established production facility, including technical support and services in IT (Information Technology), OT (Operational Technology) and ET (Engineering Technology).

Talga is making significant investments in anode production, providing the opportunity to significantly reduce CO2 emissions in the manufacturing of, for example, electric vehicles and energy storage systems. The anode constitutes half of the active material in a modern lithium-ion battery. The development process is vertically integrated and includes in-house mining in Vittangi - where some of the world's highest grade graphite mineral resource is located, as well as material processing and manufacturing of sustainable anode materials at a new anode refinery in Luleå.

Rejlers has been commissioned to drive and support Talga in its digital development, with technical support and services in the field of IT/OT/ET. These services are linked to all parts of Talga's development, from feasibility study to production.

In the initial phase, Rejlers develops the system architecture as well as the digital models and processes that form the basis for achieving an optimal process for future construction and production. An important aspect is to create multidimensional information models that give designers tools and options to be able to choose solutions and find a balance between parameters such as cost, time and climate impact.

"Talga's ambition is to be at the forefront in terms of design, materials and production processes, where we will provide advice on new technology and innovative solutions," says Amandus Yngvesson, Advanced Solutions Manager, Industrial IT within Rejlers' Industry Division.

"Building a new and sustainable European value chain for battery anodes is both important and demanding. That's why we are pleased to be working with Rejlers on IT solutions," says Martin Phillips, CEO Europe at Talga.

"Through the project, we are contributing to the industrial transformation where Talga's operations will play a key role in electrification and contribute to a reduced footprint through sustainable, local production," says Malin Ljung Eiborn, Sustainability Director at Rejlers.

Initial groundworks have begun, in preparation of the construction of the plant in Luleå. In its first phase, the plant is expected to be able to produce 19,500 tonnes of anode material per year, which corresponds to approximately 16 GWh of battery capacity.

For further information, please contact:
Mikael Fränckel, Head of Industry Division, Rejlers Sverige, +46 70 593 69 96, mikael.franckel@rejlers.se
Malin Sparf Rydberg, Director of Communications, Rejlers Group, +46 70 477 17 00, malin.rydberg@rejlers.se

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