Board of Directors

The Annual General Meeting on May 7th 2018 resolved that the Board of Directors should consist of five ordinary members with no deputies. The meeting re-elected Annika Steiber, Jan Samuelsson and Peter Rejler and appointed Helena Levander and Patrik Boman as new board members. Peter Rejler was elected Chairman of the Board and Jan Samuelsson as Vice Chairman.

The Chairman of the Board constitutes the link between the President and the other members. The task of the Chairman is to lead the work of the Board of Directors and to ensure that the Board is compliant with the relevant laws, rules and recommendations.

The Board of Directors exercises the shareholders’ control of the management and their work is controlled in accordance with the rules of procedure established at the statutory Board meeting. The Board of Directors holds five Ordinary General Meetings a year in accordance with the rules of procedure. In addition, Extraordinary General Meetings may be called in order to discuss specific issues. Four of the Ordinary General Meetings deal with the company’s quarterly reports and the fifth meeting establishes the company’s budget for the coming year. These meetings follow a set agenda which deals with issues such as finance, the market, HR and investments.

Besides supervisory issues, the primary task of the Board of Directors is to deal with strategic issues relating to operations, new establishments and growth, as well as the company's financial position and to ensure compliance with applicable laws, regulations and ordinances.