Our overall objective is to create and realise added value for customers, employees and shareholders.

Financial target

Rejlers' financial target from 2015 is to have an operating margin of at least 8 per cent over time. Rejlers also has a financial target of stable development, where the company's equity/assets ratio will exceed 30 per cent.


Rejlers considers the health of its employees to be vital to its success. Rejlers seeks to achieve a wellness ratio of at least 75 per cent. The definition of wellness is a maximum of three occurrences of illness and five sick days during the calendar year. Staff turnover will be around 10 per cent.

Growth target

Rejlers will have annual growth of around 15 per cent in revenues and 10 per cent in number of employees, making the growth target of
2020 – 3030 – 4040 possible. In 2020 we will have at least 3,030 employees with revenues of at least SEK 4,040 million.


Rejlers will be the customer's obvious choice for energy-efficient and sustainable solutions. We will encourage health promoting activities and inspire young people to choose the profession of engineer.