Corporate Governance

Corporate governance usually refers to the processes that are being built to effectively control and manage a limited liability company.

The corporate governance of Rejlers AB is exercised mainly through the Annual General Meeting and the Board of Directors. The Board of Directors, as an executive body, has at its disposal the President, but also other members of the Group management.

Rejlers applies the Swedish Code of Corporate Governance.

Rejlers' Corporate Governance Report can from 2011 also be found in the Annual Report.

Corporate Goverance Report 2018
Auditor’s report 2018

Corporate Goverance Report 2017
Auditor’s report 2017

Corporate Goverance Report 2016
Auditor’s report 2016

Corporate Goverance Report 2015
Auditor’s report 2015 

Corporate Governance Report 2014
Auditor’s report 2014

Corporate Governance Report 2013
Auditor’s report 2013

Corporate Governance Report 2012
Auditor’s report 2012

Corporate Governance Report 2011
Auditor’s report 2011

Corporate Governance Report 2010
Auditor’s report 2010

The Swedish Code of Corporate Governance