In brief

President and CEO

Jonas Thimberg is CEO of Rejlers Sverige AB. Thomas Petterssen is CEO of Rejlers AS and Rejlers Embriq AS. Seppo Sorri is CEO of Rejlers OY and Peter Rejler is CEO and President of Rejlers AB.

The market

Rejlers' domestic markets are Sweden, Finland and Norway, with the rest of the Nordic region and the Baltic States as its growth markets. Rejlers carries out around 11,000 customer assignments every year.

Where we are

Rejlers has 2,000 employees at around 80 locations in Sweden, Finland and Norway.

Core values

Passionate, Empowered, Healthy.

The share

Rejlers' Class B shares are listed on Nasdaq Stockholm. The Rejler family holds 56 per cent of the votes and 22 per cent of the capital. Other major shareholders are Lannebo funds, Nordea Investment Funds and Didner & Gerge Funds.