At Rejlers we aim to operate our company in a long-term and sustainable manner. It is important for us that irregularities which can seriously damage our business or our employees are observed and investigated as early on as possible.

Consequently, we have introduced a whistleblowing system that makes it easy for anyone to share information about disparities which violate laws, ethics, morals or our policies. Through the system, employees, customers and partners can easily share information with complete anonymity. Anyone who reports a whistleblower case must not face negative consequences (provided that the whistleblower is not guilty of a crime). All reports are received and investigated by an external party. It is not allowed to try to find out the identity of the whistleblower.

You can make a report in the following way:
Report anonymously through the wb.2secure.se reporting tool; enter country company code:
Sweden: svd545
Norway: rjn842
Finland & Abu Dhabi: rjf827