Our foundation

Rejlers strives to have a positive impact by acting as a catalyst for our customers’ sustainable transformation. The foundation for ensuring sustainability while creating long-term value for our customers, is made up of four priorities: Climate action, Business ethics, Inclusive workplace and Healthy people.

The four priorities in our foundation are all essential for our ability to fulfil our own ambitious sustainability goals, as well as to support our customers in fulfilling theirs. Each priority is connected to specific, measurable targets that we carefully follow up, while managing connected risks. This way we can secure the practical implementation of our sustainability strategy.

Climate action

The business sector is playing a crucial part in the ongoing transition to fight climate change. We are in the midst of developing a new, carbon-neutral way of living and doing business. In the given situation, our customers are relying on us as technical experts to proactively contribute to their journey towards decreased climate impact. To be a trustworthy support for our customers’ transition, a prerequisite is that we also have an ambitious agenda within our own operations and take continuous steps to decrease our own climate impact.

Our customers can count on us to take our responsibility, just as we guide them in taking theirs. During 2023, Rejlers has committed to set new targets for reduced climate impact according to the Science Based Target initiative (SBTi). This represents a further step up for our internal climate actions.

Our targets

  • Reduce CO2 in scope 1 and 2 and business travel by 50 percent until 2025
  • Science-based targets for climate, scope 1, 2 and 3, both near-term and net-zero

Business ethics

As the world becomes more complex and fast-moving, integrity becomes increasingly important. Pursuing a strong focus on business ethics throughout the company is vital. Rejlers respects the UN's Global Compact and its ten principles regarding human rights, working conditions, environmental considerations and anti-corruption. These guidelines must be complied with internally, and we are working with our suppliers to ensure compliance in our supply chain, as well.

Rejlers’ code of conduct describes the requirements we have on our own conduct and behaviour. This includes the board, management and all employees. We also require our customers and partners to respect the code of conduct. Recently, we developed a code of conduct specifically aimed at suppliers which now makes up a mandatory part of our supplier agreements. Our whistleblower function is operated by an external party and can be used for reporting any deviations.

Our targets

  • Strengthen requirements on our suppliers and partners (continuous 2025)
  • New target to strengthen the ethical perspective (to be launched in 2024)

Read more here:
Code of Conduct (pdf)
Code of Conduct for Suppliers (pdf)
Business Ethics Policy (pdf)

Inclusive workplaces

For the company to continue growing, retaining existing employees is important, as well as recruiting new ones. A workplace characterised by diversity and inclusion makes Rejlers more attractive as an employer and provides good conditions for innovative teams and solutions that ultimately benefit the customer.

A gender-equal and diverse workplace means that we do not miss out on important perspectives and skills. Improving gender equality and inclusion is therefore an ongoing endeavour within the organisation. Rejlers started developing a diversity/inclusion metric in 2023 and will continue working with this complex area in 2024.

Our targets

  • 25% women in the organisation
  • Gender equality in group management and country management teams − Diversity/inclusion metric (in development)

Healthy people

At Rejlers, we prioritise creating a good working environment and contributing to our employees’ physical and mental health. Sustainability starts with us. We monitor the outcome through an Employee Net Promoter Score (eNPS), which is a measure of how likely it is that an employee would recommend their employer to a friend or acquaintance. Our target for 2025 is a score of 20.

We have the ambition to keep absence due to illness at a maximum of 3 percent by 2025. Generous health care allowances, in combination with recurrent wellness days for all our employees, make up a natural part of increasing well-being at Rejlers. Through our vision Home of the Learning Minds, we underscore the great importance we attach to being a learning organisation with strong focus on training and personal development.

This ultimately strengthens Rejlers’ position as an attractive employer. Learning for us means assimilating new perspectives and understanding things in new ways. We believe that this is crucial for development and necessary to pave the way for a sustainable future.

Our targets

  • (eNPS), which is at 20 (2025)
  • Sick leave at 3 percent (2025)
  • 10/10 in the annual employee survey on learning

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