Rejlers part of a consortium that signs significant framework agreements with Statnett

The consortium, led by Multiconsult, and the companies Rejlers, EFLA, Metier, Jøsok, Sitepartner and Regio 360, has recently entered into several extensive framework agreements with Statnett to further develop and expand the Norwegian electricity grid. The agreements, which are valid for four years with an option for a further four years, enable Rejlers to deliver technical consulting services in areas that are important for Norway's energy transition.

The demand for electrification of Norway, where decarbonisation is central, has increased the need for a significant expansion of the electricity grid. In addition to the transformation of Norwegian industry, an increasing proportion of the country's transport will need electricity, which further increases the demands for a strengthened electricity supply. Rejlers has solid expertise in the field and has contributed to the electrification of society for over 80 years. 

"Statnett is an important player in the Norwegian sustainability transition and we are proud of the renewed confidence in connection with the new framework agreements. Statnett's ambition fits well into Rejlers' sustainability strategy, where we make the biggest difference by helping our customers in the transition to a sustainable society. We look forward to contributing to the planning, design and implementation of projects that make both Statnett and society more sustainable," says Petter Arnesen, CEO of Rejlers Norway.

Rejlers Norway will provide procurement and design services for transformer stations, power lines and cables, and will contribute resources, expertise and insights to the work. The framework agreements run for four years, with an option for a four-year extension.

"We are leveraging our collective expertise within Rejlers to add value to our customers. As the need for electrification increases, we see a significant demand for our expertise and with our Nordic organization, we are well equipped to contribute to the development of the Norwegian electricity grid," says Nicolas A. Hall, Head of the Energy Division at Rejlers.

For further information, please contact:
Petter Arnesen, CEO, Rejlers Norge AS, +47 95 19 53 17,
Malin Sparf Rydberg, Director of Communications, Rejlers Group, +46 70 477 17 00,

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