Rejlers helps Stockholm Exergi deliver more renewable and recycled energy

For the past ten years, Rejlers has supplied technical consultancy services to Stockholm Exergi and contributed to the construction of many of Exergi’s installations, including Värtan CHP plant, which was commissioned in 2018. Rejlers has now signed a new framework agreement with Stockholm Exergi, which involves the provision of services relating to technical project management, electrical power systems and inspections.

Rejlers’ consultants will work on projects at cogeneration, waste incineration, district heat distribution and electrical power installations. Rejlers has been chosen as supplier to Stockholm Exergi due to its expertise, efficiency, quality and sustainable development perspective. The agreement runs until 1 September 2020, with the option of a two-year extension through to 1 September 2027.

Climate-friendly initiatives

“Stockholm Exergi is a key client for Rejlers and we are very pleased to be given a vote of confidence once again as Exergi invests in new projects over the coming years. It is a pleasure to work with a client whose mission is as vital as delivering sustainable heat to 800,000 Stockholmers every day of the year. Exergi is a leader in the field of climate-friendly initiatives and has been able to halve its emissions in recent decades. In addition, 89 percent of district heating is sourced from renewable or recycled energy,” says Jenny Edfast, Head of division Energy.

For more information, please contact:

Jenny Edfast, Head of division Energy, Rejlers Sweden, +46 (0)70 649 64 13,
Malin Sparf Rydberg, Director of Communications, +46 (0)70 477 17 00,