Press releases

Rejlers signs framework agreement with Sandvik in Sweden 2017-05-17
Rejlers signs an agreement with City of Gothenburg about Tramway projects 2017-05-10
Interim report Rejlers AB January - March 2017 2017-05-09
Rejlers contributes to qualified work opportunities for the newly arrived 2017-05-03
Change in number of shares and votes in Rejlers 2017-04-28
Resolutions at the AGM of Rejlers on April 24th 2017 2017-04-24
Acting CFO at Rejlers appointed 2017-04-24
New CEO appointed for Rejlers Norway AS 2017-04-21
Rejlers wins design of stations for Statnett in North Norway 2017-04-19
Rejlers' rights issue heavily oversubscribed 2017-04-05
Rejlers' Annual Report for 2016 is published 2017-04-03
Trading in subscription rights commences 20 March 2017 2017-03-17
Rejlers publishes prospectus relating to the rights issue 2017-03-15
Communiqué from Extraordinary General Meeting of Shareholders in Rejlers AB 2017-03-13
Henrik Bunge is Health-promoting Manager of the Year 2017-03-10
Rejlers announces terms for the rights issue 2017-03-07
Welcome to the Extraordinary General Meeting of the shareholders of Rejlers AB (publ) on 13 March 2017 2017-02-09
Year-end Report Rejlers AB January – December 2016 2017-02-09
Rejlers resolves on a preferential rights issue of approximately SEK 200 million to accelerate its transformation process 2017-02-09
Rejlers Embriq signs agreement with Consilia Solutions 2017-02-08
Rejlers won the Honourable Distinction – Family Business Award 2016 2017-02-02
Rejlers involved in the largest port construction in Sweden in a century 2016-12-13
Rejlers improving energy efficiency for Karlshamnsbostäder 2016-12-09
Nettalliansen chooses Rejlers Embriq for IT- operation services 2016-12-05
Rejlers wins assignments as the Aviapolis region grows 2016-12-02
Rejlers contributes with solar energy for Pole of Hope 2016-12-01
Management change at Rejlers 2016-11-17
Rejlers and Entro sign partnership agreement 2016-11-08
Interim report Rejlers AB January – September 2016 2016-10-25
No more lost calls in lifts and car parks 2016-10-18
Rejlers is engaged when Gothenburg shoots for the sky 2016-10-11
Rejlers signs contract with JM Norge 2016-09-27
Rejlers wins major contract with Hafslund 2016-09-23
Rejlers Embriq focuses on digitalisation in the Nordic region 2016-09-22
Rejlers offers legal expertise for community builders 2016-09-21
Rejlers invests in Smart Grid and Big Data 2016-09-13
Nominations for the Health Promoting Manager 2017 2016-09-12
Rejlers to help newly arrived engineers enter the labour market 2016-09-01
New area of expertise for solar cell technology at Rejlers 2016-08-25
Rejlers helps Lindbäcks to build Europe's most modern production facility 2016-08-23
Rejlers offers energy partnering as a work model 2016-07-20
Interim Report Rejlers AB January – June 2016 2016-07-19
Rejlers help to increase operational reliability within the Norwegian energy system 2016-07-13
Rejlers - one of the first in Sweden to have certified energy mappers 2016-07-07
Rejlers to present 'Digitalisation in a Nordic energy system' at SvD Energy Summit 2016-06-23
Rejlers consultants in demand from Railway Training Centre 2016-06-20
Rejlers helps the city of Vasa to become carbon-neutral 2016-06-16
Thomas Rebermark new Marketing Director at Rejlers 2016-06-02
Rejlers in turnkey project for new workstation for Scania 2016-05-23
Rejlers wins assignment for the Norwegian Railway Museum 2016-05-20
Resolutions at the AGM of Rejlers on May 9th 2016 2016-05-10
Interim Report Rejlers January - March 2016 2016-05-09
Rejlers has renewed its energy marking agreement with Olav Thon Gruppen 2016-04-28
Rejlers is investigating Leksand's future energy system 2016-04-27
Rejlers Embriq signs contract with L&T Infotech about IT- services 2016-04-19
Nominations Committee's proposals for Rejlers' Board of Directors 2016-04-13
Rejlers' Annual Report for 2015 is published 2016-04-08
Welcome to Rejlers' Annual General Meeting 2016 2016-04-07
Torbjörn Eriksson is Health-promoting Manager of the Year 2016-03-10
Rejlers Embriq is participating in an EU project for optimisation of the power grid of the future 2016-03-09
Layoffs for Rejlers in Sweden 2016-02-22
Rejlers wins assignment for Aalto University Properties 2016-02-19
Year-end Report Rejlers AB January–December 2015 2016-02-09
Rejlers has strongly contributed to Gotland's Eco Municipality Prize 2016-02-08
New segment for Rejlers – IT Solutions 2016-02-05
Rejlers Embriq signs agreement with Troms Kraft Nett 2016-01-14
Rejlers secures framework agreement with Agder Energi group 2016-01-08
Change in the total number of shares and votes in Rejlers AB (publ) 2015-12-30
Rejlers signs new agreement with TeliaSonera Norge 2015-12-22
Rejlers helps Svenska Kraftnät to create a modern and climate friendly energy system 2015-12-21
Allocation in private placement 2015-12-17
Rejlers AB has completed a directed share issue amounting to SEK 60 million 2015-12-17
Rejlers AB explores the possibility to carry out a directed share issue of maximum 600.000 B shares 2015-12-16
Rejlers wins contract for the digitization of electrical safety 2015-12-16
Change in management at Rejlers 2015-12-04
Rejlers wins contract for the Helsinki Metropolia University 2015-12-02
Rejlers Embriq signs agreement with Infotjenester AS 2015-11-26
Rejlers and Stockholm Cycling Club start elite teams for men & women 2015-11-20
Rejlers acquires Orbion Sweden and doubles its telecom operations 2015-11-17
Rejlers manages energy efficiency in Mariestad municipality 2015-11-12
Peter Rejler awarded Entrepreneur of the Year in Stockholm region 2015-11-11
Rejlers Embriq signs agreement with Jämtkraft 2015-11-09
Interim Report Rejlers AB January-September 2015 2015-10-23
Rejlers acquires Embriq and expands within digitalised energy services 2015-10-22
Rejlers wins major contract for the New Hospital area in Helsingborg 2015-10-15
Rejlers wins hospital contract in Mikkeli 2015-08-31
Rejlers contributes to major new data centre in Norway 2015-08-25
Rejlers signs agreement on energy measurement with VÄRMEK 2015-08-21
Interim Report Rejlers AB January – June 2015 2015-07-24
Rejlers contributes to Turku University Hospital expansion 2015-07-02
Consortium wins contract for four-track Flackarp – Arlöv route 2015-06-26
Rejlers has signed a contract with Norkring AS for operation and maintenance 2015-06-25
Rejlers ranked number one in framework agreement 2015-06-24
Rejlers wins assignment for technical due diligence for Statnett 2015-06-23
Rejlers acquires consultancy section of Automationscenter & Bråvalla Elteknik AB 2015-06-23
Rejlers appoints Erik Penser as Liquidity Provider 2015-06-05
Rejlers is acquiring Caruna's project monitoring business 2015-05-12
Correction: Resolutions of Rejlers AGM on 4 May, 2015 2015-05-06
Resolutions of Rejlers AGM on 4 May, 2015 2015-05-05
Interim Report Rejlers AB January–March 2015 2015-05-04
Rejlers signs contract with The Norwegian National Rail Administration regarding new terminal concept 2015-04-07
Invitation to attend the Annual General Meeting in Rejlers 2015-03-31
Magnus Sallbring is Health Promotion Director of the Year 2015-03-19
Rejlers recruits Jenny Edfast as Division Manager for Electric Power in Sweden 2015-03-19
Rejlers invests in Sweden's fastest growing sport 2015-03-16
Rejlers acquires Eneas' Swedish operations Energy Business Sweden 2015-03-11
Rejlers signs contract with OKG 2015-02-12
Change in management at Rejlers 2015-02-10
Year-end Report Rejlers AB 2014 2015-02-09
Rejlers will have 35 teams in the Grönklitt race 2015-01-22
Rejlers improves the information for road-users in the railway stations 2014-12-22
Rejlers signs contract with Swedavia Airport Telecom 2014-12-10
Rejlers wins contract for Sporveien in Oslo 2014-11-26
Rejlers appoints new CFO 2014-11-06
Interim Report Rejlers AB January–September 2014 2014-10-30
Rejlers expands in the Stockholm region through acquisition of Sonika 2014-10-06
Rejlers is engaged by Elverket in Vallentuna 2014-09-19
Two teams from Rejlers on the start line for ÖTILLÖ 2014-08-20
Jan Svensson becomes CEO of Rejlers Energitjänster 2014-08-19
Rejlers wins a contract for continued rail expansion in Norway 2014-08-15
Change in Rejlers Management 2014-08-12
Acting CFO at Rejlers appointed 2014-07-30
Interim Report Rejlers AB January–June 2014 2014-07-25
Rejlers signs agreement with Agder Energi 2014-07-01
Rejlers receives assignment from Fortum Distribution 2014-06-25
Rejlers receives assignment from Forsmarks Kraftgrupp 2014-06-24
Rejlers expands in Kiruna 2014-06-18
Rejlers engaged in the design of Humanisten in Gothenburg 2014-06-03
Change in management at Rejlers 2014-05-19
Rejlers fields two teams for Utö Swimrun 2014-05-13
Resolutions of Rejlers AGM on 29 April, 2014 2014-04-30
Interim Report Rejlers AB January–March 2014 2014-04-29
Change of CEO at Rejlers on April 1st 2014-04-01
Invitation to attend the Annual General Meeting in Rejlers 2014-03-28
The Nomination Committee´s proposal to the Rejler Board 2014-03-28
Rejlers' Annual Report for 2013 2014-03-28
Rejlers is the main sponsor of the Stockholm archipelago endurance race 2014-03-17
Fredrik Ruben is Health Promotion Director of the Year 2014-03-13
Change in number of shares and votes in Rejlers 2014-02-28
Rejlers executes targeted new share issue 2014-02-19
27 teams from Rejlers to take part in StafettVasan 2014-02-18
Peter Rejler will be appointed new CEO at the AGM 2014-02-07
Year-end Report Rejlers AB 2013 2014-02-07
Rejlers engaged by Helsinki City Theatre 2014-02-04
Invitation to Rejlers' webcast and conference call regarding the Year-end report 2014-01-31
Rejlers reports preliminary results 2014-01-30
Rejlers wins contract to develop a waste sorting system 2014-01-23
Rejlers wins Norwegian energy projects 2014-01-21
Rejlers designs new premises for Uppsala University 2014-01-17
Rejlers nominated as The Employer Branding company of the year 2014-01-13
Rejlers acquires environmental consultant in Falun 2013-11-19
Rejlers joins the Beyond Skiing Foundation 2013-11-15
Rejlers is one of the best employers in Sweden 2013-11-14
Rejlers investigate Norway’s oldest stretch of electric railway 2013-11-11
Morten Thorkildsen is the new CEO of Rejlers in Norway 2013-11-05
Interim report Rejlers AB January–September 2013 2013-11-01
Rejlers signs long-term contract with Fingrid 2013-10-31
Rejlers acquires engineering company in Finland 2013-10-31
Rejlers concludes the acquisition of Rejlers Consulting in Norway 2013-10-11
Rejlers acquires Norwegian Railconsult 2013-09-23
Rejlers nominated for Svenska Designpriset 2013-09-04
Rejlers’ employees taking part in ÖTILLÖ 2013-08-27
Rejlers and the magazine Chef start cooperating on Manager prize 2013-08-20
Rejlers is engaged by Jernhusen to modernize 17 station buildings 2013-08-19
Interim report Rejlers AB January-June 2013 2013-07-26
Rejlers is part of the team designing Nya Slussen 2013-07-23
Rejlers helps Savonlinna town with energy-efficient solutions 2013-06-27
Rejlers conducts a network study to wind power developer 2013-06-19
Rejlers is the main sponsor of Swedish endurance race 2013-06-14
Peter Rejler new Chairman of FBN Sweden 2013-06-13
Change in number of shares and votes in Rejlers 2013-05-31
Rejlers is engaged when the Helsinki metro is renewed 2013-05-27
Rejlers acquires Norwegian consulting company 2013-05-15
Resolutions of Rejlers AGM on 2 May, 2013 2013-05-03
Interim report Rejlerkoncernen AB January-March 2013 2013-05-02
Rejlers propose technical solutions for high-speed rail 2013-04-25
Rejlers acquires Umeå Industri och Kraftkonsult 2013-04-24
Rejlers makes Norwegian municipalities save energy 2013-04-10
Rejlers' Annual Report for 2012 2013-04-03
Invitation to attend the Annual General Meeting in Rejlers 2013 2013-04-02
Rejlers wins contract from E.ON 2013-03-18
Peter Rejler wins the prize the year's Health promoting leader 2013-03-14
25 teams from Rejlers skiing in StafettVasan 2013-02-25
Rejlers' Year-end Report 2012 2013-02-14
Rejlers launches new organization in Sweden 2013-02-04
Rejlers design a transmission line for wind power in Piteå 2013-01-30
Rejlers entrusted with industry assignment by Permascand 2013-01-25
Rejlers appoints new CFO 2013-01-09
Rejlers becomes strategic support to the Swedish Transport Administration 2013-01-08
Change of management at Rejlers 2012-12-21
New CEO of Rejlers Ingenjörer 2012-12-12
Rejlers acquires Enerplan and grows in Construction and property 2012-11-30
Rejlers participates to improve the environment in Svappavaara 2012-11-30
Rejlers wins contract when Norway's National Stadium is being expanded 2012-11-27
The Finnish Transport Agency selects Rejlers 2012-11-08
Peter Rejler won the award European CEO of the year 2012-11-07
Rejlers' Interim Report, January-September 2012 2012-11-06
Eva Nygren awarded as "Ruter Dam" 2012 2012-10-24
Rejlers has signed a new framework agreement with E.ON 2012-10-22
Rejlers energy certifies buildings in Norway 2012-10-08
Rejlers appoints head of communications 2012-09-14
Rejlers' Interim Report, January-June 2012 2012-08-14
Rejlers - project manager for the opening of Norra Länken 2012-06-19
Rejlers Consulting AS continues to grow 2012-06-12
Rejlers has been appointed Preferred Partner to Outotec 2012-05-10
Resolutions of Rejlers AGM and Board on 2 May, 2012 2012-05-03
Rejlers' Interim Report, January-March 2012 2012-05-02
Rejlers delivers bioenergy plant to Lund, Sweden 2012-04-16
Invitation to attend the Annual General Meeting in Rejlers 2012-04-02
Rejlers takes over consulting and service business from TeliaSonera 2012-03-15
Rejlers' Year-end Report 2011 2012-02-17
Rejlers completes the acquisition of Ramböll Finland's consultancy operations to the energy- and industry sector 2012-02-02
Rejlers associated Nettkonsult becomes Rejlers Consulting 2012-01-30
New President and CEO for the Rejler Group 2012-01-12
Rejlers helps the Swedish Transport Administration to modernize the Western Main Line 2011-11-28
Rejlers acquires the business activity of design and consulting services in the industry and energy sectors from Ramboll Finland 2011-11-18
Rejlers associated company Nettkonsult grows through acquisition 2011-11-16
Rejlers delivers a contract for control systems for Octapharma 2011-11-14
Rejlers designs Facebook's data centers in Luleå 2011-11-01
Rejlers' Interim Report, January-September 2011 2011-10-31
Rejlers completes acquisition of 49 percent of Nettkonsult 2011-09-13
Rejlers acquires Nitek - stronger in mining and tunnel ventilation 2011-09-01
Rejlers' Interim Report, January-June 2011 2011-08-16
A change in the number of votes in Rejlers 2011-06-30
Rejlers continues to grow - now with Norwegian Nettkonsult 2011-06-20
Resolutions at Rejlers' Annual General Meeting on 2 May 2011 2011-05-03
Interim report, January-March 2011 2011-05-02
Rejlers has acquired the remaining stake in Lausamo 2011-04-26
Rejlers continues as one of the preferred supplier to Neste Jacobs 2011-04-15
Rejlers' Year-end Report 2010 2011-02-25
Rejlers continues as the preferred supplier to Vattenfall 2011-01-04
Rejlers acquires Per Schönbeck Elprojekt AB 2010-12-29
Rejlers acquire all shares in APAS 2010-12-29
Rejlers increases its shareholding in APAS 2010-12-03
Rejlers acquires a majority stake of Lausamo Oy 2010-11-30
Rejlers' Interim Report, January-September 2010 2010-11-09
A change in the number of votes and shares in Rejlers 2010-10-29
Rejlers receives major contract for the Transport Administration 2010-10-19
Rejlers objective of 1000 employees is achieved 2010-10-13
Rejlers' acquisition of Råbe Industrikonsult is completed 2010-10-01
Rejlers' business in nuclear power expands 2010-09-03
Rejlers' Interim Report, April-June 2010 2010-08-04
Rejlers receives an order in the engineering industry 2010-07-02
Resolutions at Rejlers' Annual General Meeting on 29 April 2010 2010-04-30
Rejlers' Interim Report, January-March 2010 2010-04-29
Rejlers signs framework agreement with the Transport Administration 2010-04-28
Invitation to attend the Annual General Meeting in Rejlers 2010-03-31
Board and ownership changes in Rejlers 2010-03-01
Rejlers' Year-end Report 2009 2010-02-25
Rejlers acquires ista Suomi Oy in Finland 2009-12-21
Changes in Rejlers' Nominations Committee 2009-12-11
Rejlers' Interim Report, January-September 2009 2009-10-28
Rejlers Nominations Committee appointed 2009-10-27
Rejlers receives an order in the engineering industry 2009-09-17
Rejlers designs all technical systems in Masmolänken 2009-07-31
Rejlers' Interim Report, January-June 2009 2009-07-30
Rejlers signs contract with Vattenfall Sales in the Nordic countries 2009-06-25
Rejlers' Interim Report, January-March 2009 2009-04-27
Rejlers signs contract with Fortum Power and Heat Oy 2009-04-02
Rejlers' invitation to Annual General Meeting (AGM) 2009-03-27
Rejlers signs contract with TeliaSonera in Finland 2009-03-25
Rejlers signs new contract with Fortum Distribution 2009-03-13
Year-end Report 2008 2009-02-26
Rejlers signs agreement with Statoil Norway AS 2009-01-28
Rejlers' interim report, January-September 2008 2008-10-30
Rejlers designs new catenary on mainline Stockholm - Malmö 2008-10-17
Rejlers designs a new metro line in Helsinki 2008-09-29
Rejlers acquires the technical consultant company Danatec 2008-08-26
Interim Report January-June 2008 2008-07-31
Change in number of shares in the Rejler Group 2008-07-01
Rejlers receives a new order from the Swedish Prison and Probation Service 2008-06-25
Rejlers receives an order from Karlstads Energi AB 2008-06-18
Interim report, January - March 2008 2008-05-13
Rejlers receives an order from Gävle Energi AB 2008-04-10
Invitation to attend the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders 2008-04-10
Rejlers expands to 850 employees through acquisition in Finland 2008-03-04
Rejlerkoncernen AB (publ) Year-end report 2007 2008-02-20
Rejlers receives new order in Södertunneln 2008-02-19
Rejlers establishes business in Norway 2008-01-23
Rejlers projects Kungsbrohuset in Stockholm 2007-12-21
Rejlers Oy acquries the technical consultant company KL-Team 2007-12-13
Rejlers signs contract with Tritech about automatic reading of electricity meters 2007-12-05
Rejlers construction manager at Citytunneln 2007-11-22
Rejlers Energitjänster highly ranked in quality measurement 2007-11-06
Rejlers' Interim report, January-September 2007 2007-10-23
Rejlers wins a large order from Neste Jacobs 2007-10-15
Rejlers wins a new contract from Banverket 2007-08-21
Interim report January - June 2007 2007-07-31