Rejlers in partnership to improve the building and real estate sector with artificial intelligence

Rejlers and the tech company Consigli in Norway have started a collaboration to improve the building and real estate sector with the help of artificial intelligence. The new solution includes the support of digital "self-planning" engineers and historical data, offering the building industry both increased productivity and reduced costs.

In recent years, so-called BIM technology and digital construction sites have created new standards in the building and real estate sector. Artificial intelligence is now taking technology to a new level, which will result in better buildings while saving the industry both time and money.

“Today's way of project planning, with a lot of manual work and assumptions, is inefficient and involves a high risk of mistakes. Therefore, we help Consigli develop a data-driven solution that ensures cross-border coordination between technical, practical and aesthetic aspects of building and analyses itself to the best solution,” says Anders Jensen Jåma, Head of Digital Innovation at Rejlers in Norway.

Building is costly and digitalisation has given the building and real estate sector completely new opportunities to streamline through new innovative technologies.

“With artificial intelligence, we can develop the best solution for the future of construction. Through this, we ensure a minimum of energy and material use, waste and water, and not least the best solutions for the efficient use of the buildings,” says Janne Aas-Jakobsen, CEO of Consigli in Norway.

Rejlers helps Consigli map data that exists in all systems connected to the building sector, what technology is available to analyse these data and where in the business processes Consigli can create value. In parallel, companies such as Stor-Oslo Eiendom, Entra, JM and GK Group have contributed with knowledge and experience from previous real estate projects.

“Rejlers knowledge of the building sector and technical facilities has been crucial in understanding the processes we will automate. They have a good understanding of both technical and business-related issues, and at the same time are completely fearless of new technical solutions, which we value in the collaboration,” says Janne Aas-Jakobsen.

Consigli offers a cloud-based platform for project planning where customers do much of the preparatory work themselves and then get help from digital "self-planning" engineers. Despite this, Rejlers is not afraid to make themselves redundant as an advisory technology consultant.

“Smart use of new technologies will improve and streamline many of the "boring" tasks. We want to improve the quality of the project planning and our collaboration with Consigli will result in new knowledge, better buildings and more time to spend on exciting tasks,” says Anders Jensen Jåma from Rejlers.

For further information, please contact:
Petter Arnesen, CEO Rejlers Norway, +47 951 95 317,
Malin Sparf Rydberg, Director of Communication, +46 70 477 17 00,

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