Rejlers entrusted as a turnkey contractor in construction partnering projects

Rejlers Energiprojekt was quick to offer energy partnering to its clients. The working model affords both energy savings and financial benefits for many customer projects. Rejlers has now been entrusted as a turnkey contractor in a more construction-oriented project based on partnering as a working method. Rejlers’ approach, with energy expertise, in the model is unique in the construction industry and will afford the client, Mariestad Municipality, considerable added value. 

“As a turnkey contractor, Rejlers brings together expertise and resources from developers, subcontractors, partners and other stakeholders early in the process, so that the project can be jointly developed at the conceptual and design stage," says Per Sjöbom, CEO of Rejlers Energiprojekt.

Rejlers’ task is to modernise and refurbish the ice hockey rinks at Vänershofs IP in Mariestad. The project includes premises, a garage, a new ice piste, new barriers and new parking spaces, as well as a review of the energy and ventilation systems. Rejlers is responsible for everything from concept and project design to execution of the contract. The order is worth around SEK 40 million.

“The partnering model is an effective approach where risk and opportunity analysis are key concepts, which offers both environmental and financial benefits, whilst at the same time always maximising customer benefits. We will have an open dialogue and close contact with all parties throughout the project and have adopted a lifecycle perspective for energy use, operation and maintenance in the assignment process,” says Per Sjöbom.

Facts about partnering

Partnering is an approach that has become increasingly common in the construction sector. What sets partnering apart from other working methods is the fact that the parties are completely open as regards calculations, hours worked and costs. Customer and supplier work as a team and have an open dialogue and a transparent working environment. This approach improves and develops projects as the work proceeds and enables money to be spent more effectively.

For more information, contact:

Per Sjöbom, CEO Rejlers Energiprojekt, +46 (0)70 202 28 59,
Malin Sparf Rydberg, Director of Communications Rejlers, +46 (0)70 477 17 00,