Rejlers coordinates geographic data management for the national grid in northern Sweden

Over the past year, Rejlers has won four contracts within the field of GIS – Geographic Information Systems – for Svenska kraftnät. GIS is a geographic computer-based system for collecting, storing, analysing and presenting geographic data. Rejlers collects and analyses information concerning geography, environment, culture and terrain, which provides an important basis for use in decision making within Svenska kraftnät in their projects relating to stations and power lines.

“In the most recent project that we won, we are acting as coordinator in the Northern program, i.e. we will play a key role in the coordination of digital geographic information management for all projects in northern Sweden for Svenska kraftnät,” says Jenny Edfast, Business Manager for Energy at Rejlers.

GIS coordinator for the Northern program is a new service for Svenska kraftnät, which means that Rejlers will work closely with Svenska kraftnät to act as a director and advisor regarding how Svenska kraftnät will work and develop its working methods as regards geographic data management. Rejlers will also act as a resource in the ongoing projects to produce and harmonise the structure of how GIS is used.

“We will act as a cohesive force and be responsible for all GIS deliveries in the Northern program”, says Jonas Böös, Project Manager at Rejlers. The programme encompasses reinvestments, developments and maintenance projects relating to Svenska kraftnät’s operations. We will be closely involved with Svenska kraftnät’s line with regard to working methods, methodology and system and operational development. The project will continue throughout 2018 with the option of extension.

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