Rejlers investigate Norway’s oldest stretch of electric railway

Norway’s oldest electric railway, Tinnosbanen, will be investigated. This work will lead to a number of different suggestions for how this stretch of railway might be brought back into service. The assignment has been given to Railconsult, who became part of Rejlers autumn 2013.

Tinnosbanen is in Telemark, an area with a lot of forest, mountains and traditional houses. The track was originally built for the Norwegian establishment in Rjukan. Tinnosbanen and the surrounding area are unique, which is why it has been suggested for the Unesco world heritage list.

Tinnosbanen was built in 1907 and electrified in 1911. It has been out of service since 1991. The options available for using Tinnosbanen for tourism in the future are now being investigated. This work involves looking into questions relating to operation, land and materials among other things. Various different future scenarios will be presented to the Norwegian National Rail Administration based on economic assessments.

A management plan will be also established for Tinnosbanen alongside this assignment. This management plan will look into the status of all the technical facilities and buildings found along the track. This management plan will form a good basis for maintaining and preserving them in the future. Both assignments will be completed and presented by the end of 2013. Railconsult have previously carried out a number of similar assignments.