Technical solutions for high speed rail

The Swedish Transport Administration will develop a standard technology for how the railway network in Sweden will be adapted for high-speed rail. Rejlers leads the project that makes it possible to get started and develop rail for trains to run faster than 250 kilometres per hour.

The work will result in a decision-making regarding the technical solutions that will be used when high-speed rail is built in the future.  Issues that will be addressed during the course of the assignment are, for example, how fast the trains should run, if they should run on separate tracks, and if there should be separate stations for these trains. The assignment also includes determining on which base the trains should run on and other technical issues.

Rejlers will lead the group that will work to develop the standard technology on the Swedish Transport Administration. The assignment will be completed by the end of 2013. Rejlers contract is worth about SEK 2 million.