Nordbalt ties in the Baltics to the other Nordic countries

As early as 2009 planning began to linking the Baltic states with the Nordic and European electricity market. The project came to be called Nordbalt and is a collaboration between Svenska Kraftnät (Swedish national grid) and its counterpart in Lithuania LitGrid AB.

In connection with the closure of the Ignalina nuclear power plant in 2009 the Baltic States came to be largely dependent on Russian energy supplies. The need for a connection westwards thereby increased. The aggregated output in the affected electricity markets can through the connection be better utilized while profits arise in other areas.

Nordbalt is a 300 kV dc connection with an output of 700 MW, which means that the converter stations need to be built on either side of the connection. On the Swedish side Nybro is the site and in Lithuania, the city of Klaipėda.

A total of 450 km cable will be laid of which about 400 km is submarine cable. Parallel an optical fiber will also be laid.

The total cost of the project is expected to reach € 552 million. In addition comes expenses for reinforcement of national networks in each country. The project, that started in 2009, is expected to be operational sometime from 2015-2016. The European Commission is contributing with € 175 million divided between the connection and the internal Baltic grid.

Beyond this, the reinforcements in the Swedish and Baltic electricity networks will be funded separately on each side.

Rejlers is participating in the Nordbalt connection since 2011 as senior project manager in Nybro. Rejlers is also project manager for ac switchgear supplied by Siemens. Construction started in 2012 and will be completed during 2015.