A fit-for-purpose infrastructure is essential to the development of a society. Both for individual mobility and for business competitiveness. Rejlers has a broad range of activity within Infrastructure, including the modernisation and planning of, for instance, roads, tunnels, railways, bridges, airports and harbours. We also works to meet the needs arising from the rapid development of the telecommunications sector. Another growth area is a range of environmental services for urban development projects around the Nordic countries.

Rejlers' assignments in the railway sector cover everything from total project undertakings with project manager responsibility and preliminary studies to the project planning of facilities for electrical, telecommunications, signal and safety systems. Railway assignments are often divided into several sub-projects that can take a number of years to complete.

Road and tunnel projects in the major conurbations involve technically complex systems for the control and monitoring of traffic flows and ventilation systems in tunnels, for example. Another service which we provide is the planning and project planning of lighting in tunnels, on bridges and along roads.

We also offers a broad range of services in the telecommunications sector. Typical services performed by Rejlers include project management, automation, network planning, optimisation and network design for both fixed and mobile networks. As new technologies and players establish themselves on the market, so Rejlers' services and assignments evolve.

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