Every industry needs continuous investment in order to increase productivity, quality and profitability. Rejlers has a long tradition of implementing industrial projects around the Nordic region. We also have experience from following our customers around the world with their projects.

Rejlers' industry consultants offer technical solutions and systems to streamline, automate and develop industrial processes and products. We are involved throughout the process, from planning, concept design and analysis to project management, design, implementation, commissioning and maintenance.

Rejlers also carries out innovation and development work to help customers produce new products and systems, and also offers the delivery of complete projects or machines.

We work with industries such as mining and pulp and paper, as well as the steel and engineering industry. Our engineers also work with the food and pharmaceutical industries, as well as automotive and offshore. We either work embedded in the customer's organisation or we take overall responsibility for a delivery or a function. A long-term approach and strong customer relationships ensure security and stability in our large and often technically complex assignments within Industry.

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