Rejlers rocket of the year among technology consultants when students have their say

Rejlers is this year's rocket among the technical consultants in Sweden's largest student survey, the Business Barometer for 2020. Rockets are the employers who have climbed at least six places in the ranking since last year's survey.

Over 24,000 students participated in this year's survey from Universum where factors such as secure employment, personal development and varied tasks are important attributes in the choice of future employers.

"We are one of the largest and fastest growing technology consultants in the Nordic region and are extremely excited about the positive movement. Learning is our most important asset and we are investing heavily in developing leadership and corporate culture on the way to our vision, Home of the learning minds", says Malin Sparf Rydberg, Communications Director at Rejlers.

"The interest in our newly launched trainee program Nextgen 2020 has been great, with more applications than ever before. A clear proof that Rejlers is well on its way to becoming a better known employer brand among the students", says Åsa Törngren, head of Talent Acquisition at Rejlers.