Tiina Pajunen

Tiina Pajunen has worked for Rejlers for more than 25 years. Assignments within the energy sector have been a constant theme down the years. She has stayed with the company because she enjoys the culture and the opportunities for continuous development.

“It’s good to be part of a strong Nordic player when you do the job I do. Many of our customers are from the Nordic region and we have much to gain by working together and learning more about one another across the international borders,” she says.

Today, Tiina is one of the company’s experienced energy specialists. She started off working with energy efficiency when she joined Rejlers. Today she is a consultant and she helps companies with processes related to buying electricity on the Nordic electricity market. At the same time, she helps to develop new technical consultancy services for electricity network owners. This can include both electricity network design and large-scale investment projects.

“If you have a good idea, there are always opportunities to test and develop it. The company has a positive spirit and a curiosity for the new. Which is why I am so happy here.”

When Tiina describes Rejlers as a company, she comes back to expressions such as strong culture and healthy values. As an employee, you are treated with respect for what you are good at. It is easy to create project teams for various assignments and support is always at hand whenever you need it.