Paula Lumminen

Paula Lumminen came to Rejlers office in Riihimäki as an intern 1998. The practice was followed by fixed-term contracts and the papers on permanent contracts were signed two years later.

- I started as an intern, and later got a permanent job. My work tasks have continued to develop, thus keeping the interest in work high. I have spent half of my working years at customer’s location on secondment, and it’s really been a good experience.

Currently Paula’s tasks are in steel structure and mechanical engineering of harbour and shipyard gantry cranes. Each crane is different, the work is changing along every crane, and that’s what makes the work interesting. Designer is involved in the entire life cycle of crane engineering – from the proposal phase to preparing the as built drawings. 

- I like the variety in my work. It’s interesting to get involved also in cranes transportation and assembly engineering.

Occasionally, the work has required Paula to visit the work sites, furthest of which was in China.

Since 2000 when Paula started working at Rejlers, the company has become a large company. Over the years, the office has moved to a new location twice, and many new colleagues have joined the company. However, the Rejlers spirit has always remained good.

In her free time, Paula has found counterbalance to her work.
- Music has a very important role in my life. I play the violin in a sextet called Bravura, we give concerts in many types of events. Whilst playing the instrument, all the stress is forgotten.