Jani Räsänen

Jani Räsänen has been working with Rejlers in Mikkeli for seven years. He has a degree in Machine Automation. Jani is acting as occupational safety supervisor in Rejlers Eastern Finland, and he is qualified instructor for occupational safety card training. He has special expertise in product development and R&D project management.

The last couple of years, Jani has been working in product development and production applications of electric vehicle charging stations in Ensto.

- Currently, we have ongoing R&D projects to develop electric vehicle charging stations for different applications, such as home charging, public charging and public quick-charging. 

With Ensto, our projects are in product development, mechanical and electrical design, production planning, as well as maintaining production structures.

- I like to work for a Finnish customer, and even better when it´s in our own locality. Especially rewarding is to be involved in developing a product that is locally manufactured, and which hence creates jobs in the area.

Further studies in the future are looming in Jani’s mind as well.

- Rejlers has been providing interesting job opportunities and I believe my future post-graduate studies would benefit both me and Rejlers.