Rejlers receives the Telia Supplier Award for Innovation

Every year Telia Sweden announces suppliers that have done outstanding work in the areas of Innovation, Sustainability and Collaboration. This year Rejlers received the award for Innovation. The award targets a specific project where Rejlers has helped Telia with innovative solutions in an area that is critical for the company: digitalization.

Rejlers has helped Telia Sweden to establish and develop a future Operation Support System, Site- Eye, for Telia Sweden Site-Infrastructure. For this work Telia has granted Rejlers the supplier award for Innovation.

"Project Site-Eye has enabled us to digitalize and automate the operations for the technical sites, aiming at having more robust operations, higher efficiency in the production processes as well as creating new business opportunities," says Jarkko Sakki, Head of Sourcing and Finance Operations at Telia Sweden.

"With Rejlers vision, Home of the learning minds, Rejlers wants to be not only a supplier but an actor that challenges, develops and contributes to the benefits of society", says Niklas Siljeblad, Head of Communication & Security at Rejlers Sweden.