Projects - sustainable assignments

We have played an active role in community-building for over 80 years, and offer services within the energy, industry, infrastructure and building sectors. Many of our core competencies contribute to a more secure, robust and sustainable society.

We are always striving to make our services, and thus also our customers’ projects and businesses, more sustainable. This is where we make our greatest impact by far, giving us the opportunity to help drive change in the area of sustainability.


Our consultants receive training on sustainability issues and Rejlers’ specific goals in the area through a course that is compulsory for all employees. We have also developed our own training and workshop model, Roadmap to Agenda 2030, which allows us to identify the sustainability impact of an individual project or an entire organisation. This gives us a unique opportunity to map sustainability impact together with each customer and identify measures that can increase the sustainability of the specific project or business, based on the UN’s Global Goals.

As a part of our journey to become climate neutral by 2040 we are aiming to reduce the climate impact by 50% between 2020-2025. We will accomplish this by reducing the environmental impacts from our business travel, the operation of our offices, and more.