People – people in focus

Our employees are the foundation of Rejlers’ success. Our goal is to be the best employer in the industry.

We succeed in this by creating an inclusive, inspiring and developing work environment. It is our people and their skills that are our capital. This philosophy is epitomised by our vision: “Home of the learning minds”.


We offer our employees flexibility in terms of working hours and placement. Through digital work methods, we create space for achieving a well-balanced life. We encourage our employees to devote themselves to active leisure activities, both by offering one of the most generous wellness allowances in the industry, and by contributing to the cost of courses they take in their spare time. This is because we believe that both learning and personal development, as well as physical activity, lead to more creative and motivated employees. Through interactive tools, we keep track of the well-being and satisfaction of our employees on a week-by-week basis.

One of our goals is to increase gender equality as well as diversity in general within our company and in the industry. In 2020, our gender-equal group management won us a place on the Allbright Foundation’s Green List of Swedish listed companies. Our Swedish management team is also gender-equal. We continue to work to achieve greater diversity throughout our organisation, including by using AI-based systems and anonymising candidates in our recruitment to ensure that we can approach the process without prejudice and find the applicants with the greatest potential and the best skills.

Our vision, “Home of the learning minds”, expresses our aspiration to be a curious and learning organisation that strives to achieve continuous improvements and knowledge transfer, both internally and in collaboration with our stakeholders. This fosters a diverse organisation where we learn from each other’s different experiences and constantly evolve. By offering internships and trainee programmes, we tap into the latest knowledge while giving students the opportunity to enter the world of work.