Partners - a secure supply chain

Through our extensive partner network, we can choose the best skills for each individual assignment while also ensuring that we and our customers develop according to our learning-focused vision.

A large number of independent consultants with expertise in various areas are available via our partner platform, which uses artificial intelligence in the selection process and ensures that we always have the right skills in the right place. When it comes to sustainability, quality, safety and business ethics, we impose the same demands on our partners as on our own employees. Among other things, this means that all subcontracted consultants who are hired must also sign the Rejlers Code of Conduct, just as our own employees do.


Rejlers respects the UN Global Compact and its ten principles regarding human rights, working conditions, consideration for the environment and anti-corruption. We choose suppliers who engage in clear sustainability work, for example when procuring IT equipment and mobile phones, premises and travel. We are also working to develop our supplier follow-ups to ensure compliance with our requirements.