Star for Life – school project in South Africa

Star for Life is a unique programme which aims to prevent the spread of HIV and AIDS among young people in Southern Africa. By coaching and guiding young people to greater self-esteem, we can help them to make healthy choices and have a better future.

For six years, Rejlers has sponsored a school in South Africa, Qhakaza High School, which has 1,200 students. Some results of the programme are improved student health, a significant reduction in the number of teenage pregnancies, enhanced youth employment, more university enrolments and better future prospects. Rejlers funds scholarships for a number of final-year schoolchildren so that they can commence university studies to become engineers.

Engineers – the future stars of South Africa


CSR ambassadors

Every year, Rejlers appoints three employees to act as ambassadors. They are given an important role in implementing and clarifying Rejlers’ sustainability efforts in relation to colleagues, customers and other stakeholders. Their task also extends to inspiring schoolchildren to train to become engineers.

In February 2014, three ambassadors travelled to South Africa to talk about the engineering profession with students at Qhakaza High School. They also got to meet 17 of our scholars in South Africa and interview them. The movie above is about their experiences from the trip.