Working at Rejlers

It should be easy to be a Rejlers employee. There should be a simplicity to everything we do. This goes for our work processes and support systems, as well as how we interact at work or when we gather for corporate events outside office hours.

We have a flat and decentralised organisation. The ceilings are high and the decision paths are short. Constant personal development and new challenges motivate our employees and contribute significantly to well-being at the workplace.

We focus heavily on maintaining but also developing our corporate culture, which is based on our values. A culture that is characterised by happiness, camaraderie and respect. We work constantly on reinforcing the foundations of our corporate culture. One of the ways this is accomplished is by having a common vision for leadership issues, and by having rules and guidelines that reinforce our culture, while providing as much room for flexibility as possible.

All employees have a development meeting with their line manager at least once a year. Based on these meetings, we formulate personal development plans for both short-term and long-term objectives covering both job duties and training.