A healthy company

For Rejlers, health is at the heart. It is important to have a strong heart. It is just as important to have a good heart. We believe that success goes together with how the employee feels as an individual, both mentally and physically.

We believe that creating the conditions that allow our employees to feel good is the best way for us to succeed as a company. Good health can constitute the basis for motivation and commitment, and everyone wins from this – employees, customers and the company in general.

Even small healthy steps are valuable. These could be a walk, a considerate comment, or an exercise class. To keep in shape physically is one way to find strength and stamina. For an individual, health and wellness training can involve a jogging session, for another person it can be finding the time for a fishing trip. Others can find new strength through dance or social interaction. The health concept also includes the company’s health. That we have a healthy financial position and balance sheet.

Good benefit solutions for health and wellness, healthcare, insurance, etc. contribute to a positive climate that makes our employees’ lives easier, whether that concerns challenges at work or away from work.

We work to give employees the opportunity, both in terms of location and otherwise, to exercise in connection with work. We also help with the entry fees for several races a year, for employees who wish to take part.