Environment and society

Rejlers is making a major contribution to the development of a sustainable society through the projects we are running for our customers and by continuing to grow in the Nordic region we create new job opportunities.

Environmental responsibility

The goal is for Rejlers to be the customer’s obvious choice for energy-efficient and sustainable solutions. In our assignments we take great responsibilityfor employees, customers, the environment and a sustainable society.

The major environmental benefits of Rejlers’ business occur when we help our customers to streamline, modernise and automate their infrastructure and processes. This includes everything from energy savings and the choice of materials in buildings to the development of renewable energy production and sustainable infrastructure. Customer demand for sustainable and energy-efficient solutions is increasing, creating more business opportunities for Rejlers.

Our target of reducing our carbon dioxide emissions by 10 per cent per employee will be achieved by using environmentally smart transport when we travel on business and by replacing business travel with online meetings wherever possible. We will reduce carbon dioxide emissions for all company cars and our energy consumption per office. In Norway we have, for example, combined several offices into one head office in Oslo and have thus reduced energy consumption per office. In 2014 we started to measure and follow up our environmental targets, and the outcome will be reported externally for the first time in 2016.

Our employees will have an understanding of the importance of the environment and work towards international and national environmental targets. All employees undergo environmental training to enable them to make choices that contribute to sustainable development.

Rejlers supports the A Clean Baltic Sea project run by the John Nurminen Foundation. Efforts are made to clean discharges of phosphorus and to reduce the risk of accidental oil spills.

Corporate social responsiblility

Our goal is to encourage health-promoting activities and inspire young people to choose the engineering profession. Our business operations also contribute to the national economy by creating jobs and services meeting market needs. 

Rejlers will inspire young people to study at universities and colleges and choose the engineering profession. We will achieve this firstly by taking part in labour market days and secondly by cooperating with the organisation Star for Life. We encourage health-promoting activities both internally and externally by supporting events such as the StafettVasan ski relay event and ÖTILLÖ. During the year we helped raise money for the Swedish Childhood Cancer Foundation through involvement in sports events known as ‘a Swedish Classic’.